Legends of the Fail

Between Adventures

More downtime, and a new face joins the party.

When last we left, the group had limped back into town to lick their wounds and bury their dead. They crashed at Darius and Tania’s place to divvy up the goods. They are left with nothing on their plates for immediate critical attention, but there are still those two leads of the Thing in the Fields and the Haunted Tower.

Arthur Grevane chooses to spend his potion brewing time by demonstrating it to others, complete with a stuffy, dry lecture on chemistry. Good luck understanding a word of it!

Darius tries to train to be more procient and dodging and swordplay as the paladin’s death showed that it only takes one mistake to die

So two days pass mostly without problem. Sin goes back to her run down farmhouse. What is the plan for coming back together? what do they intend to do?"

On the first day, whilst Arthur is heading out on the market to buy supplies for potion making, something shining on the ground catches his eye. Something also happens to Tania, but since she’s NOT HERE then I can’t do anything

Arthur Grevane stops and takes a look at the shining thing. Is it pick-upable?

It is, though it’s a little dirty. It looks like some sort of small colored stone.

Arthur Grevane picks it right up, tosses it and catches it, twirls it between his fingers… and then finally takes a look at it. “Now let’s see, here… what would you be?”

It is a cut sapphire, likely fallen out of someone’s pouch. It must be worth somewhere close to 500 gp. The second day passes without events, for anyone. What arthur does with the sapphire is up to him.

Arthur Grevane brings it to the others, actually. “It seems somebody has dropped a sapphire…”

Kierdan Summers gives Arthur a rolling shrug as he gives his bronze breastplate a tug. “Way I see it, ya got two options: sell it, or post a notice an’ hope that whoever dropped it is prestigious enough ta make up the diff’rence between what it’s worth and what they give ya. Money’s wonderful, but favors’re priceless.”

Now, a particularly crafty person would post “FOUND SAPPHIREINQUIRE WITHIN” signs, and rig the entrance with a pit trap. But no, he’s not going to do that.

Sin “Posting that you found some random gemstone is going to have a line of beggers along the block in one direction, and a line of thieves around the block in the other.”

Arthur, “We do need to be careful of where we sell it, though. I fear the original owner may protest.”

Kierdan, “If nothin’ else, ‘s a good way ta ingratiate yourself with the watch, by bringin’ all the thieves to the yard and trappin’ ’em.”

Sin “They’ll just look for a reason to throw me into the clink again.”

Darius, “Well you found it , Umm under the adventurer law I think its yours..Im not sure”

Kierdan, “Like I’d let ’em.”

“None of us will allow you to be arrested over this,” Arthur says to Sin. “At all.”

Sin smiles “Glad to know you lot have my back.”

Kierdan, “I told ya, Sindrathiir. I’ll ride with ya, ya got my respect. All o’you lot do.” That last bit comes slightly hastily.

Arthur, “Well, of course. Anyway, back to the issue of the gemstone. It is likely we should sell it, but in a way that meakes it clear we are not fencing it. Or we could trap it with explosives and leave it in the town square.”

Kierdan, “Let’s try the one that won’t get us thrown in the stockade. Why don’t we just keep it ta barter with?”

Sin “We could just keep it, start so… yeah.”

Kierdan, “ ’s a good idea, Sin, start a party fund.”

“Certainly not a bad idea.” More sleight of hand with the sapphire while everybody talks. “In fact, the most virtuous and logical idea came from a lady called Sin. How ironic… if we still had a paladin with us, unfortunately.”

Kierdan, “Hey, ‘er name’s Sindrathiir. ‘s like callin’ you Art.”

“Some people do, actually.” Arthur takes off his glasses to wipe them clean. “And I placed first in the Alchemy Academy’s Pictionary tournament, thank you very much.”

Kierdan, “I’m afraid to ask what a Pictionary is.”

Sin “Probably some sort of crazy college game.”

Darius scratches his head in confusion

Arthur, “You have to guess what the other person is thinking based on the quality of their artwork.”

Kierdan Summers glances over to Darius. “Oi, ya wanna few tips? I prefer ta fight sword ‘n’ board… or hammer ‘n’ board as the case may be… but I still trained with a greatsword under my first knight.”

Darius looks over to Kierdan with a quizzical expression, “S-Sure, I haven’t had as much time because of my… Magic training.. I would like…the help”

Kierdan Summers walks over to the summoner, standing a few feet away from him; just far enough to backspring away from a bad backswing, as a matter of fact. “OK, show me what’cha got.”

Sin “So what do we plan on doing from here?”

Kierdan, “Well, I dunno if Tania’d go fer it, but ‘tween you all, that door that th’ skeletons were guardin’ looked pretty ornate. Ya don’t make a door like that ta put in front of the privies.”

Arthur Grevane clears his throat! “Well,” he says, “We have a couple of leads out in the wild wilderness, or perhaps a tower that may or may not be haunted.”

Sin “I don’t think going back to the noble and saying ‘hey, you’ve got a dungeon under your house that we didn’t tell you about, can we explore it’ will go over well..”

Arthur, “We could always make something up, you know. ‘We believe that there may be more monsters.’”

Kierdan, “Or bribe th’ butler.”

Arthur, “Or equip the butler.”

Darius swings while Kierdan is distracted.

Kierdan Summers gives Darius a glance as he swings. “Pull yer arms in a little tighter. Ya don’t need ta make a big sweepin’ motion, ye’re not threshin’ wheat. Swing enough ta hit the opponent and follow through, then tuck it back in fer the next swing.”

Sin chuckles softly “Well, if you honestly think something like that would work…”

Arthur, “now, I must ask a very important question, my friends and associates. Believe me, this one will determine your futures…”

Sin “No, I don’t want to explode.”

Kierdan, “D’I expect th’ butler ta be happy ta see us? Hells no. D’I expect him ta not mind makin’ a little scratch on th’ side? That’s not so certain.”

Arthur, “Not at all, not at all! But you see, I do need to know – what sort of flavor extracts would you like in the healing potions? Vanilla? Cherry? Mint? Magnesium chalk?”

Darius nods trying to focus on both conversations at once

Sin “Whatever’s cheapest.”

Darius takes Kierdan’ words to consideration and at this time tryies to strike the mid section with a diagonal top slash

Kierdan, “Mint, I’d say, if it doesn’t make a diff’rence in cost. Well, if th’ tunnels under th’ mansion are a bust, we can go take a look at th’ tower.”

Sin “I’ll go with whatever you guys decide on, but we may want to consider comissioning a healer. I mean the paladin was the main one keeping people from bleeding to death before the potions were distributed.”

Kierdan, “Sounds like a job for th’ sapphire.”

Sin “Should we try to find someone then?”

Arthur, “I think so. How shall we hold this, do you think? Tryouts? A sign? Mugging?”

Sin “Post some interest at the Weary Wyvern.”

Kierdan Summers gives Arthur a nod. “Do it.”

Sin “I think we’ll have him continue to make potions, how about you or Darius do it?”

Kierdan, “Right, I’ll do it, then.”

Darius, “Ok.”

Kierdan posts the following: “Mercenary unit seeking additional member, must have healing ability, competitive pay, inquire within." Then he’ll get a room at the Wyvern for a day or two and wait.

So while Arthur brews potions, people begin to respond to that notice. Ruxly will also see it, if she has any interest.

Ruxly will be amongst the people who respond to the notice and inquire about it, mostly because its one of the more exciting things she has seen recently. Also it’s hard getting a competitive pay gig around here.

It’s her and nineteen others. How does Kierdan want to handle sorting them? Does he verify if they have magical healing abilities? And what sorts of pay is he offering?

Yes, he verifies that they have magic, and he offers an equal share in the take of whatever jobs that they do.

Only like four people have magical healing, including Ruxly. The original postion attracted every yokel with a sharp stick and a bandage. It takes around an hour to get them narrowed down to those. Does he want to set any other sort of requirements?

I can’t think of any other reasonable requirements.

Ruxly can go ahead and make her case any time.

Ruxly is a young human girl in her teens. She has long light blonde hair—almost to the point to where it is white. Her eyes are aqua-colored and she keeps a mischievous grin on her face. A tan jacket with a white fur collar is worn over top of a black undershirt. Ruxly ’s lower half consists of a black skirt and brown furred boots. A spell component pouch is worn on her belt alongside a dagger. On her back she carries a pack and a light crossbow. A red fox kit follows along and sometimes effortlessly climbs up Ruxly and into her pack to hide. She stares Kierdan in the eyes, then points a thumb at the others. “These other jokers are a bunch of wankers, I can heal each member of your crew once without calling upon my spells.”

Kierdan Summers cracks a grin at that. “What kinda spells ya got, then?”

“Besides healing ones? Oh, you know. The usual. Sleep, charm, enfeeble rays. I’ve studied spellcrafting and detecting magic. I can give people a mean look too.” Ruxly rattles off that list, then the fox familiar near her feet yips in agreement.

Kierdan Summers nods, glancing over the fox before he glances over the kit. “What’dja say yer name was, sweets?”

“Ruxly. I don’t have a family name to go with that.”

“Ruxly, all right. Ye’re th’ only one ‘ere who brings more ta th’ table than healin’. Put out yer ’and.” Kierdan Summers extends his hand to the girl.

Ruxly raises her brow at the man’s extended hand, then after a few seconds delay, she puts out her own hand to presumably shake his. “Thanks. Lets hope we make some decent money.”

Kierdan Summers takes her hand, giving it a firm shake. “S’what I’m about. C’mon, I’ll introduce ya to th’ team.”

She gestures to the door, then picks up her familiar. “Lead on.”

Kierdan Summers nods, leading the girl outside to grab Setanta’s reins before he walks with her to the farmhouse. “Ya don’t have a problem with horses, right?”

The healing potions are almost done… and fizzing and frothing everywhere, as potions are wont to do. SMOKE AND STEAM!

“I like the idea of horses more than I actually like horses. But I don’t have a problem with them, no. Just don’t ask me to handle one on my own.” Ruxly gives that weird answer while she follows Kierdan.

One of the benefits of doing alchemy and group meetings at the farmhouse is that they don’t get many visitors. Another is that if arthur accidentally sends the place up, they won’t be liable for damages for an entire neighborhood.

Kierdan, “That good enough fer you, Setanta? The horse lets out a small snort.”

Ruxly, “I hope that means ‘yes’ in horse.”

Kierdan Summers nods as they walk toward the farmhouse.

Kierdan Summers calls out as they reach the farmhouse. “Hey, Arthur! Found someone!”

“Have you, now?” Arthur calls out from within the Laboratory.

Sin peers out of the window, then lowers her crossbow.

Ruxly ends up plopping her fox-kit familiar into her backpack when she tires of carrying it. “You all a paranoid bunch, living out here?” She asks Kierdan.

“It’s handy to have a spot outside of town ta meet up at. Arthur’s a bit… eccentric.” Kierdan Summers motions toward the door to the farmhouse, leading Ruxly inside. “Besides, the rent’s way more competitive out ’ere.”

Ruxly hopes Arthur is the ‘good’ type of eccentric. She’ll enter with Kierdan’s guidance. “Let me guess. Rent’s free for this building.”

Sindrathiir looks Ruxly over as they enter. The dark elf frowns “So is this who we’ve got?”

Kierdan Summers nods to Sin. “Yeah, she was th’ only one who brought more to th’ table than healin’. Ruxly, that’s Sindrathiir, our archer.”

“A drow? How exotic. Nice to meet you.”

Sindrathiir nods to Ruxly “Archer and problem solver. We got Arthur there, our alchemist, and a couple summoners from the Blue Tower. Darius and Tania.”

Darius nods.

Ruxly looks at Arthur. This group must be rich if he wears a top hat. She nods to each of them. “Hello. What kind of… ‘jobs’ do you all do?”

“I… am a Master Alchemist!” Arthur declares. “Dissecting and studying the tgrue nature of the very Building Blocks of the UNIVERSE!”

Kierdan, “So far, we’ve been doin’ work ‘round town. We brought in a group of bandits an’ investigated some noises in a basement in th’ good part of town. Been talkin’ bout goin’ back, or having a look at a haunted tower.”

Ruxly looks over Arthur from top to bottom before answering: “I dabble a little in alchemy.” She then nods to Kierdan. “Alright. My vote is going to… whichever will get us the most cash.”

Darius, “I do like cash”

Kierdan, “I’m fond o’ gettin’ paid, too. The tower is said ta have valuables in it, but tha’s only a rumor. We saw a hellaciously fancy door in the tunnels underneath the basement, but we still gotta get back in there.”

Arthur, “Ah, good! Wonderful! Perhaps we can compare notes, then….”

“Anytime, Arthur.” Ruxly won’t share that she’s probably a beginner in comparsion. “Well, I’m the new girl, so I’ll default to your choice on the location…”

Kierdan, “All righ’, so anybody got a better idea than tryin’ ta bribe th’ butler ta get back into that basement?”

Arthur, “Again, I believe we could express concerns that he has other dangers in his basement.”

Kierdan, “So ya wanna admit that we didn’t clean it up th’ first time? Somehow, I doubt that th’ lord o’ th’ house will be thrilled ta hear that.”

“If you’ve already been there, why not just tell them you’re doing a free check-up to make sure the place is monster-free still? Say its a part of your ‘customer service’.” Ruxly does air-quotes for that.

Arthur, “A fantastic idea!”

Kierdan Summers cracks a small grin. “Ye’re already earnin’ yer keep, Ruxly. All right, anybody got any objections?”

Sin “I still think this is a bad idea, but so long as you lot do the talking, I guess we can try.”

Kierdan, “If we don’t get in, worst case, we waste ten minutes on th’ way to the tower.”

Darius, “That, Sounds smart…Like something tania would say”

Kierdan, “Speakin’ of, where is Tania, anyway?”

Sin “Well, closer to an hour.”

Ruxly bows her head slightly when Kierdan pays her the compliment. She had no idea how successful this would be, given she wasn’t really a people-person, but she figured Kierdan would be the one doing the ‘selling’ of the idea anyway.

Kierdan, “I’m not th’ leader of anythin’ or anyone. Anybody has a problem with this, has a better idea, put it out there.”

Darius, “I am not sure, I think I have… seen her do stuff”

So, with the party intent on heading to the noble’s house for roudn two of investigations, we can stop here and hope that Tania can join us next week.



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