Legends of the Fail

Downtime and a New Adventure

As well as a party being officially born.

We had a slow start this session, and a lot of book keeping, so the start of the session is summarized.

The party spends some time in town. They identify what of the loot they want to sell or identify. They take time to sell the weapons, and discover that the scrollcase they captured holds a scroll, and that in addition to the dwarf’s ring, the stone was also magical. The end total of cash was 1968 gp, 3 sp, and 4 cp. It was decided to split it to 328 gp each, with the left over spent on a meal or something. Gear was purchased, and time was spent resting and identifying things. Two characters got new armor fitted, and some barding was fitted for Kierdan’s horse. Healing potions were purchased while Arthur was away, but will likely be retconned to where the alchemist can contribute to making them to save the party some money.

Each person’s share of experience was 442.

So anyway, the party has about 2 days of downtime before any major adventures. They have three magical items to identify (A scroll, a ring, and a Suspicious Stone), and have split the money from the sale of the various other items to 328 gp each. They’ve got 442 XP each from that adventure. Custom fitting studded leather barding for a horse can be done in two days.

OK, so buying chainmail for me and studded leather for Setanta, selling our old armors… and I’ll pick up a healing kit while I’m at it for later.

Tania spends most of her gold on more magic CLW potions and a nice safe bag to put them in so that they wont break if they get justled around. Then getting to work on identification of the items

Ruke purchased some banded mail and two CLW potions. He’ll give one of these potions to Tania when he sees her in payment for the one she used on him.

Tania takes the potion and blushes softly “you didnt have to do that”

Ruke, “I repay my debts, Miss Tania.”

“Oh please just call me Tania, we are good friends now arnt we?”

Ruke smiles. “Indeed. As you wish.”

Darius spends his gold on two potions of CLW, a chainshirt, and a buckler selling his studded leather for 12.5 gp

Darius tries to remember what bit they taught him at the tower when it comes to idetifying magic, he grunts in frustration.

Tania gently shakes her head at Darius “Dont damage it”

Tania doesn’t know what the ring does. It radiates ‘abjuration’ and the stone radiates ‘conjuration’, but that much is clear.

Ruke will go visit Sin on day one and day two—even if its just to say hi and hang out. He’d recommend giving Sin a shot at examining the items if the other two are having trouble.

Sin tries to identify them, but knows nothing that first day. Day 2?

Tania is going to ask Darius to aide her in finding out the second day

Darius will have to do his aid another rolls, then you can make the adjusted roll. Sin can aid you too.

Darius nods.. Not really confident in this book learnie stuff, but does it because she says so. Darius will aid on two because he has no Read magic

After some consultation, Tania still has no idea what the stone does. The ring is a Ring of Protection +1, the scroll is a Scroll with the wizard spell ‘Sleep’ on it.

Sin, “Can I see that stone a sec?”

Tania hands it over

Sin concentrates upon it. She then screams as shrapnel from the stones under the farmhouse floor blast up and perforate her body. She falls to the ground bleeding.

Darius, “I dont think that is supposed to do that … Oh right .. Um… Here..”

Ruke will stabilize Sin with but a touch of his hand.

Darius pours a potion down her throat

Ruke stabilizes her. Then Darius pours the potion down her throat.

Ruke looks concerned. “By the Gods, what was that?”

Tania just pokes the stone with a stick staying the fuck back.

Arthur has spent this time buying supplies and accidentally exploding stuff/.

It seems that Sin is only really useful for having a hot drow chick unconscious around the group a lot. She is given the potion but is still at negative hit points.

Tania keeps her potion bag away from darius

Darius` has his own.

Tania, “okay… someone get a medic”

Darius uses another.

Tania, “Darius stop that!”

She’ll be back in positive territory tomorrow, especially if Arthur tends to her that night.

Darius, “Stop what? She’s hurt… Right? You made her explode so should we not help her? I’m confused…”

Ruke, “Arthur can attend to her tonight and make sure she recovers.” Ruke believes in helping people, but he is frugal with his money and supplies as well.

Darius believes in helping people and isn’t frugal..which is why he gave that rogue his last gold, even though he got hit. “You…S-Sure?” Darius seems really worried… as it was alot of shrapnel.

Tania, “yes im sure… Arthur can help her get better without you using the potions…. potions can actually start to hurt if you use to many too fast”

Ruke nods in agreement with Tania.

Darius, "Really? Oh I didnt know that … You must have paid attention in class more than me .. I’ll remember that next time. Darius nods and smiles

“Arthur is one of the leading specialists in his field too. Whatever that field might be,” Ruke is unclear on that, as he is many things.

Tania pats him on the head then gives him a kiss on the cheek before looking at the stone moving to pick it up gently no to use it or activate it in anyway.

Darius bends down for the pat, “So what do we do with that? Is it a weapon?”

Ruke, “It sure is…something. I would say keep it and not activate it until it has been studied throughly.”

“I could take it to the wizards tower,” Tania suggests. “They should be able to identify it”

The silver flask with strong alchohol is worth 25 gp for its silver content and its workmanship. The blue tower will be happy to identify the stone, but it’ll cost about 25 gp for anyone to look at it.

Ruke suggests they trade the silver flask for the identification.

Also of note: During those two days, it becomes clear what the problems in the fields are. There appears to be some sort of insectoid creature burrowing under the northern fields and killing people and livestock. It seems to be above the group’s paygrade, but may be worth looking at in the future. Other rumors the group has heard is something about a haunted tower within the forests about an hour south of the Blue Tower. Some travelers mentioned staying the night there, only to be chased off by spectral lights. They told of the place still having valuable furnishings within it, and the folk at the market say that the travelers did sell some silverware they’d salvaged from the place, worth more than a few gold. There’s also a tale of someone in town looking for people to check into strange noises from his basement.

“Very well, go ahead and do that, Tania.” Ruke will give her the silver flask to use as payment for the task.

Darius nods giving Grimoire a once over.

And they can discuss what they’d like to do next, assuming they can still stand each other. After all, they’ve got their first taste of the profits of adventure, they know they can work with one another. They know they can probably get Kierdan from the duke’s barracks again, likely temptable with tales of glory he could earn.

Tania does go to the blue tower with the stone, she discovers it’s a Minor Stone of Elemental Servitude. When placed on stone of any sort, it can summon a Small Earth Elemental Slave, in a manner similar to the stone of controlling earth elementals. The summon takes a full round to complete. Only one such small elemental can be summoned at any one time, and they are dispellable as if cast by a CL 5 caster, treated as monster summoning III. However, it summons the same elemental each time, and if that elemental is slain, it can’t be resummoned until the next day. The small elemental summoned is named ‘Grun’, is of limited intellect, has a severely truncated vocabulatry, and tends to call whoever summons it ‘Boss’.

Tania goes off the blue tower which is a good four hours on foot requesting Darius stay at home to help the group decide if they want to adventure like this again.

Darius is very against Letting Tania by herself and complains a bit before letting her go

Ruke would request the presence of all the party members the next day (when Sin would be concious) at Sin’s lodgings to discuss ‘business opportunities’ for glory and gold. He figures the next day would be best so the drow can weigh in.

Sin’s residence technically belongs to a farmer who was eaten by the burrowing creatures, so they won’t be evicted just yet.

Kierdan Summers shows up if he’s invited.

Darius attends slightly concerned as to the well being of Sin after getting to know a bit about her. He looks eye level to Ruke with his red eyes and smiles. “So Sir Ruke, What is it you …Um…Want?”

Tania stays with Darius in their small home until summoned by Ruke. Keeping the stone until then when she comes in with Darius yawning gently

Ruke invites everyone. Kierdan, Tania, Arthur, Sin, Darius. … Kierdan’s horse. Santana… shit, what was her name. The paladin would have to write the name down sometime. He smiles at the group and asks: “Have you all heard the rumors around town?”

Kierdan Summers dismounts from Setanta, the horse looking fine in his brand-new studded leather barding. Kierdan, himself, is dressed in shiny, brand-new chainmail as well as his personal tabard. “Aye, been hearin’ ‘em while I was takin’ care of business.”

“We all worked well together back with the bandits. We might be able to do more good,” Ruke puts an emphasis on good, but everyone could put their own spin on glory and gold there too as they wanted to. “If we keep working together. I think it might be possible to help the person with basement problems or look into the haunted tower.”

Darius raises his hand. “Would it not be better to help the farmers first? No food equals dead people during winter correct?”

Kierdan, “Question. Is there a paycheck involved?”

Ruke, “The strength of the creature has me concerned… it might be more than we could handle.”

The guards are considering a bounty on the burrowing things, especially since some guards have been killed by them. The fellow who wanted folk to look into the problem in his basement is in a mansion in the rich section of town, but hadn’t been more specific. The haunted tower is said to have loot laying around within it, but no specific pay associated with it.

Ruke, “Well, the paycheck with the tower would mostly involve…recovering the goods and selling them. We did well with that last time. We’d have to ask the man with the basement problem what he would be willing to offer in terms of compensation.”

Kierdan, “Sounds like a plan. Let’s go for it.”

Sin blinks sleepily “Go for which one? It seems to me that if the tower is there it’ll be there tomorrow, we could look into this fellow’s basement troubles today most likely, since he’s in town.”

Kierdan, “Prolly the basement first, seems easiest… hey, are you OK, Sindrathiir? You look like you got used for target practice.”

Sin “In my grandmother’s day, thieves and rogues died CONSTANTLY. I see why now.”

Tania giggles when Kierdan comments on Sindrathiir’s looks .

Kierdan Summers steps a bit closer to Sin, looking genuinely concerned… maybe? Nah, couldn’t be. “The hell happened?”

Ruke, “Er, we had an ‘accident’ the other day, but… it worked out. As much as I would like to help the farmers, it might be best to focus ourselves on task we’re capable of performing. We don’t do any good to anyone dead.”

Sindrathiir offers a weak smile “I tried to activate a magical item without identifying it first.”

Kierdan Summers gives the drow a similar smile back. “Well, I’m glad that you’re doin’ OK.”

Tania pouts in a huff “You two should just get a room and get it over with. I’m up for the basement.”

Ruke coughs into his hand and looks away. “Yes. I agree. … with the basement thing.”

Kierdan Summers gives Sin a quick wink before he turns to Ruke, getting back to business. “Aye, best ta focus on things that’re in our league ’fore we overextend ourselves and end up dead.”

Ruke, “We can go over there today, then, if everyone is agreeable to the idea.”

Sin scowls at Tania, only to shake her head, sitting up right. “The basement thing then? Shall we head there after lunch then?”

Darius, “If Tania wants to sure … but I still think the burrowers are .. important… Maybe if we had a few more guards … But this basement thing is probably nothing”

Tania nods and just puts and arm around Darius’ “Dont worry hun we’ll elp the farmers soon, we just gotta make sure there are no bad things INSIDE the town first”

Darius grins at that “If you say so … I guess after Lunch like Sin says”

Ruke nods, agreeable to all that.

Kierdan, “Sounds like a plan.”

And so after lunch, they head into town. It takes fully an hour to get into town, and traverse the streets toward the Noble Quarter. Passing estates of marble, with luxurious fountains and gardens, they come up to the address they had heard about. A gated iron fence sets the estate off from Halnadun Lane, and it’s a short walk up a white gravel path to great oaken doors bound with brass. A pair of lion headed knockers hold large bronze rings over knockplates.

Ruke knocks on the door and looks to the others while they await an answer.

Kierdan Summers stands alongside Ruke, having instructed Setanta to wait on the lane.

Tania is just playing with her bracelet beside Darius happily waiting

After a moment, the door opens, and a man in his fifties, dressed in a smart black and white outfit opens the door. He sniffs a bit, and looks the party over. “You certainly have a scruffy look to you. You are here about the master’s inquiries, I presume?”

Ruke, “Indeed, we are.”

The man nods, then opens the door, “Come in, come in, and try not to be seen hmm?”

Kierdan Summers gives the butler a gracious nod.

“Thank you.” Ruke will enter into the building.

Kierdan Summers follows after Ruke, his chainmail making plenty of noise before one considers the shield banging against his backpack.

Tania enters though with a bit a of pout as she looks up at darius “Do I look scruffy?”

They are lead through an opulent hallway into a sitting room, where they are bid take a seat. It wouldn’t be more than a few moments there before the ‘master’ arrives. He’s a boy of perhaps fourteen, clad in rich tunic and trousers, a rather arrogant look about him that seems to melt away when he sees the group as it is. “Well well, it certainly seems that a little money brings out the dregs. Still, what must be done, must be done. I am Atelius, Lord of the Manor after my parents’ recent death. And it seems that I’ve inherited a bit of a problem. There have been all manner of unwholesome noises from below the wine cellar, and it is frightening many of my new servants. It’s difficult enough to keep them as is, without some manner of creature frightening them away.”

Darius, “So what do you want us to do..Silence the noise…right?”

Ruke takes a seat somewhere and fiddles with his holy symbol while he is waiting. He gives the boy a lookover upon his arrival.

Atelius nods “Yes, in so many words. Use whatever means is necessary.” The boy is certainly not evil. “I am willing to pay a hundred twenty platinum for you to find out whatever is causing these noises and end it.”

Kierdan Summers remains standing, but he does give the boy a bow. Listening to the proposal, he nods swiftly. “Sounds good to me, how ’bout you all?”

Tania felt like punting the small boy who was not too much younger then herself but held back just squeezing Darius’ arm likely silently nodding while still imagine kicking the brat in the balls.

Ruke detects evil on the boy anyway. He can do it at-will, so why not? Paladin eyes.

Atelius bows his head “Right then, I will get Willard to show you down, if there’s no more questions.”

Ruke asks: “You have no idea what might be making the noise?”

Atelius shakes his head “no, I don’t go into the basement, that’s the servant’s job. They say it is some sort of growling sometimes, and some sort of moaning at other times, as well as the sound of scraping and grinding stone.”

“Lovely. Alright.” Ruke stands up and prepares himself.

Kierdan Summers nods to the boy. “We’ll take care of it at once, m’lud.”

Tania rolls her eyes gently at Kierdan “its my lord, if your going to give the boy proper acknowledment do it right” stretching her limbs gently “growling, moaning and scratching sounds like a dog”

Kierdan Summers snickers softly to Tania, glancing back to the girl. “You need to spend more time at court, I think.”

Darius, “Or Rats..Big rats maybe”

“We won’t know for sure until we get down there and look.”

Kierdan, “Let’s get to it, then.”

Ruke will wait for Willard to show them the way.

And so the old butler moves to lead them through the halls, and into the kitchens. There is a door that leads down old stone stairs and into some extensive cellars. He moves without fear through the first cellar, and the group can hear something, like rough claws against stone, just echoing from the darkness beyond the lit area. He offers whoever may take it a hooded lantern, with a full complement of lamp oil. “You will find an archway at the end of this room. Through there, the old cellars begin. I trust you will be able to handle this job discretely?”

Kierdan, “We’re the face of discretion, believe me.”

Ruke, “Can someone else take the latern? I need both my hands for my sword.”

Tania moves to take the lantern “Here I can take it…. I do not need my hands for my magic”

Darius unstraps his blade

Kierdan Summers doesn’t reach for his hammer just yet, but he does tie its cord around his right wrist.

Ruke grabs his greatsword off his back. He’ll then head towards the archway, matching his pace with the others as to make sure the area ahead of them remains illuminated and he doesn’t go off and walk into the darkness alone or something.

The butler does not look impressed. Still, he just gestures to the end of the hall, and turns to leave them there. And on that note, we’ll call it for the night.



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