Legends of the Fail

Into the Basement

In which some new school players learn some old school lessons

A week late posting this, I know, but better late than never. Some of this session was spent discussing Arthur’s previously overlooked ability to brew potion, and figuring out a retcon to refund some of the money spent on cure light wounds potions. I allowed this this time because Arthur’s player was dealing with something irl and was non communicative the previous session.

When last we left, the party had been commissioned by Atelius to venture into the basement beneath the manor, and discover what was making such unearthly noises to frighten the servants. They have entered a large chamber, with archways leading from the walls to a central support pillar. The basement is just shy of 60 feet across on each side, and the opposing side is shrouded in darkness. There’s torches on the wall near the entrance, but otherwise it’s dark. Does anyone light up their own light source?

The floors here are well worn stone flags, the walls are of similar, albeit tighter and smaller stone construction. Every five feet, a single column is set into the wall to serve as a brace. The ceiling is smaller brick, heavily mortared. The archways themselves are perhaps a foot and a half thick, the separators taper from five foot near the walls to six inches near the cieling, and are braced with small, granite stones.

Ruke, “Does anyone have a lantern or a torch, or should I light up one of these sunrod things the Temple gave me?”

Sindrathiir “Silly, night blind humans…”

Arthur will of course hand everyone their potions. “Candy, I say! Candy for everybody!”

After some discussion, it was determined that Tania had the latnern, and would carry it.

With his sword drawn, Ruke starts this way to explore.

Tania holds the flickering lantern that the butler handed her, exposing a little more of the darkened cellar. Note: there are stacks of crates and bags, and racks of fine wine that are not visible on the map. Ruke’s footsteps echo along the stone floors as he advances into the room, moving toward the shadowy area illuminated by the light sources visible. Does anyone else do anything?

Kierdan Summers advances along with Ruke, shield and warhammer at the ready.

Sindrathiir advances with Ruke, her crossbow drawn. She holds up a hand. “Hold… I hear something ahead.” and indeed there’s a faint clicking and scraping from before the group.

Arthur Grevane walks with everybody. “I could probably infuse the healing potion into hard candy, come to think of it.”

Ruke halts. “Which direction?”

Darius wields Grimoire hesistently

Sindrathiir points to a far corner of the room. As Tania advances, the edge of her lantern’s flickering light reveals something large upon the ceiling. It resembles some cross between a crab and a spider, with a slick black carapace, long legs, and a pair of claws. It dangles upside down from the ceiling, fully seven feet in length. It crouches in a crumbling hole in the wall. The floor outside the hole is somewhat cracked, and the floor, ceiling, and walls of the niche it hides in are covered with a sticky white filament. The niche itself is rough stone and earth, unworked ground, while broken stones are scattered about the floor, resembling the walls of the rest of the cellar. Notably there’s not enough of them to account for a hole of that size.

Tania points up to the creature before hiding behind the nice armored gentlemen.

Keirdan scowls as the creature shuffles back into its hidey-hole. “Looks like we found our nasty… must have burrowed in from another underground.”

“I see.” Arthur sees it from a distance, and begins to lower his new, shiny crossbow. Engraved upon this weapon is, “THE WIDOWMAKERUNLESS YOU ARE A MAN, THEN THE WIDOWERMAKER, UNLESS YOUA RE UNMARRIED, THEN IT DECREASES THE SURPLUS POPULATION.”

Ruke nods to Arthur and Sin, waiting for them to shoot it. He readies himself, just incase it decides to charge them or something.

Sindrathiir nods “Definitely from underground… I remember those things from my youth. Be careful, they can fire strands of sticky white stuff.”

Darius, “Sticky..White stuff?”

Ruke, “Like…webbing?”

Arthur Grevane looks about to say something, but he wisely holds his tongue.

Darius begins summoning his angelic aspect Valyanna

Sindrathiir “Like strands of webbing yeah. They call them cave fishers. My grandmother knew a guy that was killed by a pack of them.”

Kierdan Summers gives his warhammer a glance. Fat lot of good that’ll do against being webbed up, he thinks to himself with a small shake of the head. “Watch yourselves. We dunno how many of ’em there are.”

Ruke, “We’ll use caution. Try shooting it from here.”

Sindrathiir nods and lifts her crossbow. Initiative rolls please. It has cover from where arthur is. He may want to move so he doesn’t have to shoot around the column in the middle.

Darius seems to be concetrating on the bond

Sadly it’s beyond Sin’s sneak attack range but she fires anyway. Her crossbow bolt skitters off of the cieling.

Tania uses her move action to give Sin a potion just in case before firing on the creature with her crossbow

The creature flinches and squeals as Tania’s bolt follows Sin’s, but much more accurately, biting deeply into its side.

Kierdan Summers slips around to the other side of the righteous paladin, to give Arthur a better view of the crab-spider to shoot it.

“Let’s see now… Ah-ha! Why, there it is!” Arthur levels his crossbow, aims, and fires!

His crossbow bolt lodges between two stones in the broken cieling.

Tania giggles at the actions of her team mates

Darius scratches his head being told not to charge in he goes with what Tania would probably call protection and casts Shield on himself, “Valyanna, Make sure it doesnt get anyone”

Ruke takes a few steps forward, watching cautiously.

Sindrathiir loads her crossbow again, then lifts it, taking aim. She fires. And she only hits it because it’s still flat footed. Her crossbow bolt sinks in to join Tania’s. Then it’s Tania’s turn.

Tania reloads and fires again from her position

This time, Tania’s crossbow slams into the wall behind the creature. Kierdan!

Tania, “Dammit! fast little bastard”

Kierdan Summers considers holding back for about two seconds before he glances to Ruke, then to Sin. “Be right back,” he mutters before he hefts his shield and hammer and surges forward, intent on cracking the thing open like a lobster dinner.

As he nears the creature, the ground shifts beneath him, as if the stones are loose. He gets there alright though. And sadly, Kierdan’s hammer catches little but air, not even coming close to impacting the thing’s shell.

Kierdan Summers wobbles as the ground shifts beneath him, snarling to the group, “Stay back!”

The cave fisher reaches down and clacks its claws at Kierdan ineffectually, chirrupping in a high pitched tone.

Ruke, “Is the ground unstable up there?” Captain Obvious asks Kierdan.

" So… No … Dont go in?" Darius seems confused

Kierdan, “Not unless you can fly.”

Tania, “There might be more under us! If it is some kind of tunneling bug”

“Well.” Arthur says, reloading his crossbow and trying to see if he still has a clear shot at the thing instead of a clear shot at Kierdan’s head.

Arthur’s crossbow bolt bites deeply into the cave fisher, nearly dislodging it from the cieling. It holds on still though. It’s black ichor drips onto the floor below, seeping down through cracks in the stone to disappear… somewhere.

Darius tilts his head to the side and slowly puts down Grimoire to take out a sling and then a bullet to load it ending his turn. “Val, Follow Kierdan’s order I guess”

Ruke advances, but not enough to put him in danger of the floor.

It’s hard to tell where the unstable floor begins and ends due to the debris laying around, and the filaments winding back and forth over the cracked stone.

Sindrathiir loads her crossbow, then aims it at the cave fisher. She fires again.

Her crossbow bolt sinks into the beast’s body, and it falls to the floor. As it hits, an area begins to crack and tumble down. The floor gives way under Kierdan and he tumbles in, crashing down into a dark, deep tunnel below. He takes 10 points of falling damage, and is in the pitch black.

Kierdan Summers drops down without a word, letting out a muffled “oof” of pain as he hits bottom and collapses.

Kierdan, you are now on the tunnels map, but it’s DARK down there… and you’re probably unconscious, so.

Arthur, “Well, that was unforseen…”

Sindrathiir curses. “Quick, who can stabilize him?”

“Get the lantern over here!” Ruke runs to the edge of the hole and looks down it.

Sin moves with Ruke, just to the edge of the pit. With her dark sight she gazes down. “He’s down there, wounded… there’s a tunnel leading off to the east.”

Ruke will quickly start working on setting up a rope and piton.

Tania, “oh crap…. well… this is familiar”

Arthur Grevane huffs and puffs and runs up! “Oh, my. We need to climb down there!”

Kierdan Summers stays on his back, splayed on the cold, dark earth. He decides, probably wisely, that doing nothing is the best course of action.

Sindrathiir “I can levitate someone so they can float down there safely. Who will have trouble climbing down?”

Tania raises her hand, “I cant climb”

Sindrathiir reaches to touch Tania, and she feels lighter. “Go ahead and go down ahead of us with your lantern, stand guard over him.” Tania has levitation for 1 minute.

Kierdan Summers mutters up toward the opening, trying to be as quiet as possible to not rouse whatever denizens this new warren holds. “Bring a potion with you, could you?”

“I got my bag!” Tania says as she hops down hoping the levitate works

“Be careful,” Ruke warns Tania, while he is setting up the piton somewhere secure enough that it’ll support them.

Darius walks with the rest

Tania floats down to him gracefully with a smile “Hello there~ need a hand?” smirking as she kneel-floats beside him and gently goes to put the potion to his lips “Let me take care of you”

Kierdan, “’preciate it, sweetheart.”

Sin and Darius have to wait until some room is free down below.

Ruke climbs down, then moves past the others and draws his sword—keeping an eye out.

Darius seems to get climbing down

The tunnels below are burrowed through the stone far below the city. They look like a mix of natural tunnels and crude, hand-carved tunnels, as if someone came in and widened a fissure already present. The ground here is uneven and considered difficult terrain. Running or charging requires an appropriate check to avoid tripping. The tunnels are approximately ten feet across, and extend to teh north and to the south-east. A distant sound of rushing water echoes from the north, while a harder to hear scraping and creaking occasionally echoes from the southern tunnel.

Tania heals kierdan for 3 with the potion, while Darius and his pet climb down successfully, leaving only Sin to get down the hole.

Arthur, “Well! I wonder how many people know about all of this. You know, with the proper explosives, we could collapse all the tunnels without having to explore them. Though it would likel;y do the same to the mansion above. Hmm, hm.”

Kierdan Summers drinks down the potion, staggering to his feet slowly on the rough terrain. “Killing our client isn’t an option.”

Tania smiles and just gives him another potion “Here keep this incase”

Ruke, “You seem to go to fire and explosives as an answer pretty quickly, Arthur…” His tone suggests he isn’t sure if thats good or bad.

Kierdan, “You can bet your last copper that he’ll demand that we replace his mansion, too. I don’t think you have 160,000 gold crowns saved away for a rainy day.”

Kierdan Summers takes the potion from Tania with a nod, popping the cork and knocking it back, just in case.

Their voices echo down the old stone tunnels pretty readily. Now there’s nothing but cold stone damp with condensation to still their voices. The ground isn’t even all that dirty or muddy, just a thin layer of dust broken in places with trails, as if an animal disturbed the dust at some point.

Arthur, "It all depends on how we spin it. ‘You never have to climb those stairs again.’’

Sin “I can’t help but think maybe we should try to hire a cleric to come with us at some point.”

Kierdan, “I could join the clergy… of a god of wealth, maybe. Or love.”

“They said I was too stupid to be a cleric,” Ruke grumbles to himself.

Tania rolls her eyes “or people could be more careful… you and Kierdan are made for one another both of you rush into danger”

“North – to the water, or south to… scraping noises?” Ruke asks, knowing the area not to be safe.

Kierdan Summers smirks, lifting his gaze up to Sindrathiir. “That was nice shooting, Sindrathiir.”

Darius, “Scrapin noises is… enemies right?”

“My dear lady, I do not rush!” Arthur says in a huff. “I plan ahead.”

Sin shakes her head “sorry about that, I totally didn’t think ahead.”

“Probably,” Ruke nods to Darius.

Kierdan, “Psh, you killed the fucker. I didn’t take my own advice, was my own damn fault. Don’t apologize for bein’ a crackshot.”

Sin can’t fail the climb down, so she’ll climb down and move past the group

“Alright then, So we would go toward the enemy, right?” Darius signals to Ruke and Tania

Kierdan, “Well, unless we plan to build a funnel rig and flood the tunnels, I don’t think goin’ north is gonna get us anywhere.”

Sin “you want me to go look ahead? Since I have darkvision and all… Then again a lucky blow and I’m dead so..”

Darius, “Will you survive? Last time that did not go well" Darius scratches his chin with gusto

Arthur, “You can go look ahead with, I think, an armored man in front of you.”

Kierdan Summers cracks a small grin. “The man with the shield volunteers.”

Sin “Yeah but that kind of blows the whole idea of stealth. Still, let’s get this show on the road.” What’s the party’s preferred marching order here?

Darius enchants Valyanna’s armor with runic symbols in Celestial (Mage armor)

The halls echo with their footsteps and the sound of their armor, though when Tania steps out into the hall they can get a clearer view of things. In the light of the lantern, the north passage splits to the east and the west, and to the south-east the corridor splits to the east and the south.

Sin creeps up behind Kierdan, then stops, “The corridor to the east… there’s a broken wall, and some stairs leading down..”

Indeed, as Tania moves up, the edge of what Sin sees becomes visible in the lanternlight. There’s a passage of crumbling stone walls that has been excavated. The stone is far older than the manor above, looking to be centuries in age. A staircase leads down, worn down in the middle so the steps bow down, as if by the passage of many feet.

Kierdan, “Cave fishers don’t seem like the type to build stairs… they must have moved into some old ruins.”

Tania, “What the heck is this mansion built on top of?”

Kierdan, “Cities built on top of cities… the march of civilization.”

Ruke, “Interesting…”

Sin “Does that mean there could be more things like this under other buildings then?”

“It’s pretty likely. Hell if I know for sure, though.” Kierdan Summers motions for Ruke to move up and look down the right-hand passage.

Sin loads her crossbow, just to be ready.

Ruke will do so, though he kind of gestures for the light to be brought up too.

Arthur Grevane loads his, too. Though he’s also thinking in terms of bombs…

There’s not enough light to see down the right hand passage from there, but that’s definitely where the creaking sound is coming from. It’s like someone hung some armor out on a rack and the wind is stirring it. Except there’s no wind. Further, the dust on the floor is thicker down the south, with no evidence that it has been disturbed.

Tania reloads her crossbow as well to make sure that she was well prepared.

Ruke, “Noise is coming this way,” he’ll gesture everyone close.

Kierdan Summers takes a few seconds to sling his shield, get one of his torches out, and light it with his flint and steel, holding it in his off-hand.

As Tania moves closer to the corner, Ruke avances into the retreating darkness. Until there, just there, ten to fifteen feet away the advancing lantern light glints off of some bronze armor. The armor is worn by a skeleton, standing before a great bronze door set into a similar stone building’s corner that peeks out of the very rough unworked stone wall. The skeleton occasionally shifts, its bones creaking together, the armor scrapes against itself as the skeleton keeps its eternal vigil up. It holds a masterfully crafted steel longsword, and a heavy steel shield.

Arthur Grevane looks at this, and makes sure his bomb materials are at hand.

And then Tania comes around the corner further, revealing a second skeleton. The double bronze doors that are behind them stand shut, and are decorated with exquisite reliefs, showing a rising sun over a city with low buildings. The landscape around the buildings resembles that the city above is built on, at least somewhat.

Ruke pauses, dumbfounded. He takes a moment to scan these two skeletons for…evil.

They are evil.

Sin “Heh. I wonder how much it would suck to have guard duty forever, with no days off.”

Ruke, “These are foul creatures of evil, we should cleanse them.”

Kierdan, “I’m in no rush to find out. Right-o.”

Darius nods slowly to Ruke

Arthur Grevane whispers. “If you want to start an attack, they are close together right now for one of my special experiments…”

“Take your spots.” Ruke grips the hilt of his sword tightly. “Do it, Arthur, when we’re ready.”

Kierdan Summers steps up next to Ruke, tossing the torch underhand ten feet in front of him before he draws his shield.

As Kierdan tosses the torch that close, the skeletons spring into action. The first of the skeletal guardians setps forth, opening its mouth to emit a hoarse scream that barely qualifies as one. There’s a harsh, voiceless whisper in a language none can comprehend as it slashes at Kierdan with its longsword. The second moves forward in near tandem with the first, with the same unearthly scream, the same strange, hissing whispers. This one slashes at Ruke though.

Kierdan Summers instinctively lifts his arm to block, except his shield is still on his back. The blow staggers him, but he doesn’t fall.

That second skeleton lashes ruke across the chest, exposing his lungs.

Ruke is surprised when these things spring forward so quickly. He’s more surprised when he looks down at his chest and sees some blood and organs.

Sin winces “Holy shit…” She then fires at the skeleton that just dropped Ruke. Her crossbow bolt manages to scratch one of its bones. “Uh, we need to bludgeon these don’t we?” She reloads before the end of her turn though.

Darius reloads his sling and tosses a bullet, Valyanna going in with a glaive

His sling stone clanks off of the skeleton’s breastplate. And the eidolon’s glaive swishes through the air, missing entirely.

Tania moves around arthur to shot the skeletons “Darius move forward to get the skeletons back!”

Tania’s shot goes wide.

Darius, “O-Okay..”

Kierdan Summers pulls back from the fray to not die before he collapses from the exertion.

Most ignominously, Kierdan withdraws from the combat.

Thankfully, he has a bludgeon! Unfortunately, those guys are kind of not quite in bomb-range (mostly because his fallen friend is, too!) So Arthur attempts to smack the nearest skeleton with his weaponized cane (hey whaddaya know, it turns out to be a light mace!), and five-foot-steps back.

Arthur just flat out misses, and you can’t back into that square

The first of the skeletal guardians raises its sword, and chops down toward Ruke’s defenseless body.

Darius’ eidolon clanks its glave on the floor, missing entirely, and then the guardian BEHEADS Ruke. if he’s still alive that’s a dc 22 fort save to live. And the second skeleton weilds his blade and puts his power behind a power attack toward Arthur. Though it clearly misses. That whispering continues unabated.

Sin “Man, maybe we should’ve sent the eidolons in first, and you know, found a place to retreat to before attacking… and maybe got some bludgeoning weapons… Actually you know what? I’m out of here..” And she flees back down the hall, to hide.

“Arthur..Bombs..Now, back out,” Darius casts Acid splash on the 1st Skeleton while Valyanna swings again

Hisss, the acid corrodes the first guardian’s bones somewhat. CRUNCH! The eidolon impacts the skeleton heavily, smashing into its bones and leaving it barely standing. After a moment’s tugging, the eidolon manages to dislodge the glaive from the skeleton.

Darius, “Take it out now Arthur”

Tania reloads and fires, her white dress and hair now splattered with the blood of her fallen comrade. Standing there seemingly unphased.

Tania’s blow strikes true, but the bolt just fails to penetrate the bones. It rattles through the thing’s rib cage and falls to the floor like a pachinko ball.

Kierdan continue to bleed, while Ruke’s body spasms a bit. Arthur!

Arthur Grevane goes right ahead and gets the BOMBS! So he takes a five-foot step away from the skeletons, and then he will toss the bomb at Skeleton 1, to try to hit both skellies without damaging anybody living.

The skeleton swishes its sword at Arthur as he moves. Arthur’s bomb impacts the first skeleton and rattles around inside for a moment, before it detonates. The first skeleton explodes, its body parts fall everywhere. The other skeleton is scorched from the blast. As is Ruke’s body. It smells like cooking meat. The skeletal guardian advances.

They eidolon misses, the skeletal guardian brings its sword up and slashes at Arthur.

Arthur Grevane is knocked out! Not even his top hat could protect him!

Sin fires from the shadows at the remaining skeleton, sneak attacking it, and she misses. “DAMNIT!” She curses.

Darius tries another acid splash before rushing in with Grimoire while Valyanna Swings provoking the attack

Darius acid splash strikes home, sizzling the thing’s bones somewhat. And then after taking the hit, the eidolon completely misses, scraping the glaive along the corridor wall.

Tania quickly turns and uncorks one of her potions pouring it down his throat, “Arthur your potions SUCK!!!”

Kierdan Summers blinks, opening his eyes while still feeling mostly-dead. “Bloody hell, this really is Hell, isn’t it… you got another one of those, Tania?”

The guardian slashes his sword at Darius.

Tania, “Why are the people that are supposed to be living the ones dieing on us!!!”

So darius gets crit for 19, and Sin blinks, “What the hell are these things on, they keep hewing people apart…” She advances there and administers her healing potion from earlier to Kierdan.

Kierdan Summers drinks down the potion, giving Sin a smile. “That’s what I’m talkin’ ‘bout, darlin’.”

Sin “Now save us… please.”

Kierdan, “I’ll do m’best. Those fuckers are tough.”

Kierdan go ahead, tania can catch up when she gets back or whatever.

Tania moves and quickly summons a celestial dog behind the skeleton and have it attack the skeleton “Arthur, dont you fall too…. take my bag. use the potions left there”

Tania feeds Arthur a potion, he’s still negative. But he’s not dying anymore

Kierdan Summers rises to his feet, reaching for his shield and strapping it to his arm while his player decides how the hell to best not die in this mess. Kierdan Summers advances on the skeleton, using his swift action to pick up his warhammer and his free action to point it at the bony beast. “Now, you and me, we’re gonna have a reckoning. Win or lose, I’m not going to go down without a fight. Wouldn’t be very flattering to the ladies if I did.”

The skeleton turns its eyes to Kierdan and hisses in that spectral voice, albeit in a language he can’t understand.

The floor of the tunnel by now is slick with blood and slippery. The skeleton raises its blade, and prepares a power attack. It slashes at Kierdan.

Kierdan Summers blocks the attack properly this time, now that he has his shield. “You gotta do better than that.”

Sin moves to the skeleton and tries to smack it with the butt of her crossbow. And fails.

Tania gives her last potion to Darius trying to maintain composure as everything crumbles around them

Kierdan Summers hefts his hammer, spinning it on its cord before he brings it around to attempt to smash the skeleton into next week.

Still, Kierdan’s hammer smashes the skeleton HARD, crushing it under its bludgeoning bluntness. The bones crack, and the thing collapses. A last gasp of unwholesome life escapes its lips as it falls.

Sin “About… time.” She leans against the wall, panting.

Kierdan Summers cracks a grin to the drow. “One rescue, as requested. Thanks for the potion.”

Tania moves back and just holds Darius as she looks to the dead body and just cries

Arthur Grevane remains rather unconscious for the moment. Though he has his own healing extract on his person.

Kierdan Summers turns to the slashed, charred body of Ruke, lowering his hammer as he murmurs a prayer over the man’s corpse. “Gods above, guide your servant to his worthy rest. He’s more than earned it.”

Sin walks over and nudges Ruke’s headless corpse with one foot. “you know, I always figured a paladin’d get someone killed. Guess we just got lucky it was him.”

Kierdan, “Oi, give him some credit. He tried hard. That greatsword was the end of ’im.”


Sin “Well yeah, he died honorably. I’ll give him that much. So uh…” She then looks back to Tania, raising her snowy brows.

Kierdan, “Yeah, he did. And he was a good man, too.”

Sin then smiles sweetly “I bet if you yell loud enough, more creepy crawlies will come down the corridors to finish the job. How about we take him up, take what we can, and get the wounded out of here to recover?”

Kierdan Summers takes a slippery step toward Tania. "And a lot more good men will, as time goes on. I guarantee you that. If you can’t handle that, you’re in the wrong line of business. Sad, but true. I’m more concerned with gettin’ me and ours out of this hellhole, gettin’ paid, and gettin’ everybody back on their feet. Now, d’you wanna die down here? ‘Cause I don’t and I know Sindrathiir don’t either.”

Tania, “He died bleeding out in this god forsaken basement… there is no honor in that. I want to stab that snotty brat this place is a death trap how could someone not know this was in their basement!”

Kierdan, “Did you?”

Tania, “I dont live here!”

Kierdan, “We saw the ground, nothin’ looked like it was gonna collapse. How was he to know? This shit is more ancient than your grandmother’s grandmother.”

Tania, “Get off your high horse…. this is shit in you know it”

Kierdan, “Now, we can keep arguin’ and yellin’ all damn night, or we can go get paid, get healed, and give Ruke a proper memorial. My high horse is outside, honey.”

Tania gets up and slowly summons her eidilon to carry the wounded.

Their voices carry down the stone corridors, echoing back and forth.

Kierdan Summers kneels down, scooping up one of the skeletons’ longswords. “Grab what you can and let’s get out of here.”

Darius is still out.

Arthur Grevane dreams of… wait, dreams are nonsencial. So he dreams of hippopotami.

The longsword is finely crafted, a masterwork. Both of the longswords are, actually. The breastplates are also finely crafted, though due to the fact that theyr’e made of bronze, it works out that they just use the basic breastplate stats and value.

Kierdan Summers turns to Sin. “I’ve got some rope in my pack, wanna go tie off a lead up top so we can get the bodies up the pit?”

Sin picks up the other longsword, before she moves back to the others. “The rope we climbed down on is still up there.” Sin can help drag someone along the cold, cold stone. Do they cart the wounded up to the basement?

It takes fifteen minutes, but they manage to get the wounded out into the safety of the basement, as well as whatever of the loot they wish.

Sin “Who wants to go talk with the young lord? Tell him what’s up down here… And do we want to pay to have these men healed?”

Kierdan, “I will go talk to him.”

So Kierdan is lead up to meet the young lord in that same sitting room in short order. The boy is settled in a chair, lounging back and reading. He speaks without looking up from the book, “So did you solve the mystery of the noises below?”

Kierdan Summers nods to the boy, his warhammer and new longsword hanging from his belt. “Yes, we did. You won’t be having any further problems with the noises below.”

The boy nods “I hope not. It is quite distressing to have to constantly replace servants. What did it end up being?”

Kierdan, “I believe it was called a “cavefisher”. We dispatched it for you.”

Atelius nods “Good, good. Is that all?” Finally he looks up from his book, marking his place to look up to Kierdan.

Kierdan, “Once we get our pay, yeah, that’ll be all. A hundred and twenty platinum pieces, as agreed.”

The boy nods and waves absently. The butler from before approaches with a heavy pouch bound by a draw string. It jingles as he holds it out. “Well,” Atelius speaks, “If that is all, Willard will show you out.”

Kierdan Summers grabs the pouch from the butler, nodding to the old bag of bones. “Might take us a few minutes to get the wounded out, we’ll try to make it quick.”

Willard nods, “If you require any assistance, I shall be on hand.” Otherwise, they are left to leave. 120 platinum richer. Plus the armor and blades from the skeletons. Since they technically finished that short excursion, each surviving party member gets 360 xp.

Tania invites them to her and Darius’ home its closer

Tania, “…. use it to pay for his funeral, the rest we can use for healing”

They’ll head toward Tania and Darius’ place then. They can either hire a cleric straight up to heal the group, or they can hire a healer to tend to the wounded with ordinary healing.

Kierdan, “Yeah, that too. He deserves a headstone, at least.”

The priests at the temple of Law cover Ruke’s burial.

Tania looks like she might bash someone when they ask for payment.

Kierdan Summers does his best to explain that Ruke fell in the service of everything good and Lawful and that they were gravely wounded while trying to rescue his body from the clutches of the foul evil while simultaneously smiting said evil for the good of the Land, and her People, and the Law. All while keeping a straight face.

Kierdan explains what he does, and the temple actually buys it, because it’s not exactly far from the truth. The stink of the undead still lingers about Ruke’s body. The priests bustle out, and a few lay on hands, cure light wounds, and first aid applications later, around two hours later everyone is at full hit points. AND, on that note we can wrap up for the night, with the group set to head back to their homes to rest for the night. Do they put the 20 pp into a party fund or something?

Success! In that case, Kierdan suggests that they spend the 20 pp to outfit everyone with 2 healing potions from Arthur and split the rest. Kierdan will equip the masterwork bronze breastplate and sell his chainmail.

Tania is very protective when they work on Darius and only leaves to talk to Kierdan “…. I’m sorry I lost it down there” her hair and dressed still splattered with blood.

Kierdan Summers shakes his head, giving Tania a very intense, very stern look. "Listen to what I am about to tell you very carefully, Tania. It’s very easy to lose yer head when people are going down around you. If ya panic, if ya yell and scream, all you’re doin’ is makin’ sure that you join ‘em. Keep your head, and you’ll do better for Darius than you ever will if you yell. Not sayin’ it to be cruel, sayin’ it ’cause it might save your life someday, and the lives of the people that you travel with. Got it?”

Darius is groggy as he gets up.

Now that everybody is awake again… “Well, I must say, as far as afterlives go, this one is very boring.” Arthur adjusts his glasses.

Tania bows her head nodding before just tearing up and crying into her hands “I-I-Im sorry! im so sorry! I just- it happened all so fast, I didnt even think and I could have- I should have done something to save him! but- but I never saw a construct do that! it just beheaded him right before me!”

Kierdan Summers has already changed into his new armor and acquired a sheath for his new longsword while everyone was recovering.

Sin “Also my grandma said that screaming underground tends to draw wandering monsters, whatever that means.”

Kierdan, “It won’t be the last time. I guarantee it. Sad, but true. If you wanna keep your head, you gotta keep your cool.”

Ok so the ‘party treasure’ for that also consisted of one extra breastplate and an extra masterwork longsword beyond what kierdan took

Kierdan Summers places a hand on the girl’s shoulder. “Ya gotta be strong. I’ve seen that eidolon of yours, ya got a fire in ya.”

Tania looks up at him nodding “…ok” before she notice Darius is up running to him and hugging him tight happy he’s okay.

Kierdan doesn’t even use longswords, really, he’s just taking it because it’s masterwork and it’d be handy to have.

Ruke’s party stuff will be returned to the party MISC: Spare Clothing, POTIONS: 1 Cure Light Wounds, SCROLL: 1 Sleep (CL1), Healing Kit (20 uses), 3 SP, 4 CP. And he had that +1 ring of protection, and he had another CLW potion on him.

OK, so everybody gets another 98 gp 5 sp and we can put the 20 pp toward making potions. With Arthur’s bonus, that’s 8 CLW potions.

Arthur will also begin to attempt learning how to make his extracts for other people, too. By force-feeding Sin what would, on him, be a Cure Light Wounds.

Sin will NOT accept that.

“Who, praytell, am I supposed to give it to? A hobo?”

Sin “I’m sure we can find one willing to swallow that stuff down for a copper.”

“I could add sugar to it.”:

Darius raises his hand to volunteer for the experiement if Taia will let him



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